By Paul H. Todd “The Baker”

Remember when in 1920-1921…

The Tailor Shop now owned by Helen Rehman was the home of Matthew Hutting, Sr.  Across the road, west stood the Gunther & Smith Blacksmith Shop – then Prudden Laundry where the Municipal Building now stands.  Then going west, L.A. Siple had the International Agency with Alvin Everest an employee for years.

The Miller House with Rooms & Meals stood on the corner of Main & Division for years – with a Barber Shop on the East side run by Ernie Ralph.

Going north of Division Street, Delbert Brail’s Blacksmith Shop-Greenhouse run by Mr. &  Mrs. Arthur Allsopp for years. Across the street North of the Alley where Fred Hicks is now located [this location in 2019 is now the State Farm Insurance Co and a beauty salon) stood the old Post Office, a two story building.  Coming south Chas Wellwood had a Jewelry Store for years, where the Senior Citizens drop-in center is located [and now, in 2019, the northern-most section of the library). Chas Fowler owned the Barber Shop next to the bank. Dr. Ferguson, Dr. O.P. Geib and E.H. Boote had offices over the bank with an upstairs entrance on Division Street.

The Carson City State Bank was and still is located on N.W Corner of Main and Division [the Bank was converted to the Public Library some years ago].  W.A. Crabb was next to the bank going west. Then came Krohn and Yodido dry goods merchants and Men’s and women’s clothing. Frank Caswell, a Mortician and furniture dealer had the big store to the west  [This building still had the ‘Caswell’ name near the top].

Then came Wm. Harden where the Midtown Tavern now stands, then George B. Walt Meat Market [you can still see the faint name of Geo. Walt Meat Cutter’ on the brick front]  with Brick McCuaig an old landmark as a meat cutter; Brooks and Warner’s groceries and general merchandise; G.W. Todd & Son purchased a bakery from J.A. Brader in the P.J. McKenna building in 1920;  Alex Moore had a General Store just west of the Bakery; next comes the Dry Goods & China store owned by Mark Stevens; then on the corner Geller’s Hardware [now Barnes Hardware].

Across the street [and on the NW corner] Mercantile & Main was the Farmers & Merchants Bank which is occupied now by the “Friendly Tavern” [this building in 2019 is currently occupied by the Muffin Top bakery and sandwich shop].   West of the bank was the garment factory employing men and women for several years [This building, still standing, used to be the community ‘Teen Shack in the late 1960s and currently, in 2019 a woman’s hair salon]. Albin Rademacher owner the Ford Garage at this time.  West of the Ford Garage was a 2 story building used as a shoe shop where the Bowling Alley now Stands. Also a 2 story residence on the Corner on the Bowling Alley parking lot.

[The storefronts between the old Teen Shack and the Bowling Alley were demolished, probably in the1970s, I would guess.  I have photographs of the actual demolition taken from the south and showing the American Legion and aso from the north, showing the old Carson City Gazette building…The current business in 2019 is called the Seven Sister Quilting Shop…..this building was built by Byron Hoge from which he ran an insurance concern until his death….his son-in-law, E.J. Horricks took over this operation for several years].

[Into the next block to the west is where the large Dairyland complex stood for several decades.  The Dairyland Creamery went out of business in 19??. Robert Cassell took over the complex and set up his business, Cassell Custom Molding, a plastic molding business; after this, I believe the block set empty until the current (2019) business of furniture and used appliances set up shop]

Bud? Spaniolo built the car wash across the street (Abbott Street) from the old Dairyland plant.  It is now owned and operated by ?????????????

To the west of this car wash is where Bob & John build their IGA foodliner.  Their former store was somewhere east of Barnes Hardware. In my memory, Anson Sanborn operated the Bamboo Room Restaurant next door to Barnes Hardware, after the Bamboo was where Todd’s Bakery was located.  The hardware store absorbed the old Bamboo Room, perhaps in 2015?

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