Author unknown

Handwritten document copied from library materials

At such they were never known to slink
Perhaps that makes the teachers smile,
But I beg them humbly to listen while
I say without any boding fear
That the work assigned them through the years
Was always accomplished in the end.
If you questioned that they’ll let you send
Anyone to the doomsday book
Where they’ll find proof by one short look.

Here’s to the class of nineteen four !
Listen while I their colors score!
These two shades which around you see
Were never surpassed for harmony.
The beautiful emblems of orange and blue
Are doubtless familiar to all of you.
But for fear they’re not I’ll take the time
To mention their meaning in complete rhyme!

Orange has triumph and conquest given,
While blue the line of the starry heavens
Means loyalty, truth, stick-to-itiveness,
Which in this class is limitless.

Here’s to the class of nineteen four !
Many virtues have they in store,
Which I might take the time to praise;
No guilty conscience disturb my mind,
And all egoism be left behind.

Here’s to the class of nineteen four !
Did you ever see such a class before?
In relative number its rather quear,
Four boys and a girl (and she a dear).
It differs from all classes of the past,
In them the number of girls surpassed.
But I own it’s not the faint of the boys
For pretty girls are the most of their joys;
But maids of beauty are rather rare
And as the others fled who knows where?

She of the many stood loyal and true
To the class and the boys and they thank her too.

Here’s to the class of nineteen four !
A better class never known before
For courteous conduct on the street
Where they’re respectful to all they meet.
A pleasant smile and a touch of the last
They’re noted for such little acts as that

Here’s to the class of nineteen four !
Now let me say a little more
About their habits, about their work,
But to do them justice would take me days;
So I’m going to end my poem soon,
Laying first they’re companions boon.
This class has no ill feelings ever
Disputes and contentions among them never
Such a class is not always found
In every place as you wander round
And of all the classes far and near
It’s hard to eclipse this one right here

Here’s to the class of nineteen four !
Shall they meet in public evermore?
Not as classmates their school days bright
Of twelve short years will end to night
They now go forth with motives good
To earn an honest livelihood
They may not acquire wealth and fame,
But better than this, and honest name
And when firm steps to feeble grow
And their locks of brown are flecked with snow,
May they look back on this scene with longing
As thoughts of the present to them come ???????

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