In this issue is presented the result of the Woman’s Club survey for “The most outstanding public service beyond the line of duty”.  We regret that some letters were not received in time to submit to the judges, Rev. Thomas W.H. Marshall, Supt. R.A Ambrose and Mrs. E.H Boote.  Other promised letters were not sent in, but herewith is given the tabulation of services mentioned, other than in the published letters. The park planted by L.B. Beaver in the vacant lot south of his home.  The work done in the City Park by the late C.W. Churchill, building of seats, stove and flower beds. The clean-up and planting at Waterworks Park made and maintained at first by the Woman’s Club. The forming of the Cemetery Association by the unceasing efforts of the late Mrs. V.B. Luce.  The Junior Club movement sponsored by Mrs. John S. Tennant and Mrs. Foster G. Woodman. The Congregational church basement improvement under the direction of Rev. W.S. Shelly. The beautiful woodcarving in the Methodist church done entirely by Rev. J.W. Hallenbeck, when he was the esteemed pastor here, and the organization of the Community Council by Mrs. A.L. Crispell, which has accomplished much for the good of humanity.  And last but not least is the High School band under the direction of Roscoe Wolverton, the sixth and seventh grade instructor, and who has given his time and instruction free to be able to place before the public a band that Carson City is proud of. May it continue to be one of the local entertainers of this community

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