By Jennie R. Smith, Chicago, Ill.

From “Reminiscences of The Story of Carson City”

Carson City Gazette, May 24, 1934

“The Old Town” is a subject too large for me.  Think of being crowded out for lack of space! But “Something You Remember as Outstanding” –that is different.

One of my fondest memories was “The Grove”.  Every grove I have seen since recalls it to my mind with a strong emphasis on the THE.  Where else in the world can one find such beech trees? Remember those beechnuts? They grew in such abundance we could well afford to discard all but the well-favored, fat ones.  Unconsciously, as we ate them, we were learning the great lesson that the really worth while things of life require patience and perseverance. (Pause to drop a tear for those poor urban souls who never saw a beechnut).

Then there were the “patches” of wintergreen berries in the “pinery” end of The Grove.

What a delight in springtime to go to nearby woodlands and pick all the wild flowers we could carry.  No “Do Not Pick” restrictions there. I seem to hear the wild whoops when someone found an extra abundance of hepaticas, a pink trillium, or a group of dutchman’s breeches.

I must pay homage to the trees which make Carson City’s streets something worthy of remembrance — the dainty yellow green of springtime, the gracious shade of summer and the flaming red of autumn.  From my window I can see trees, but the colors are not the same.

Most cherished of all is the recollection of small town friendliness and genuine neighborliness.  As we grow older the value of our memories increases. They become our most precious possessions.

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